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Our Staff have a wealth of Experience, covering over 100 years between them. Because of this if you act upon the advice we give you we can assure you the best value and service on the market.

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We met with John Butler as we wished to put life cover in place to protect our three children who are still dependent on us. John presented us with a very comprehensive plan for the cover we required and also suggested that we look at the Whole of Life Continuation Option, as when the life and serious illness policy expired our children would no longer be dependent on us, our mortgage would be cleared etc. but we would need some cover on ourselves at a time when our earning capacity would be diminished and also premiums would be increased due to a combination of age/medical reasons. We now have the peace of mind of knowing that when our main policy ceases in 20 years, that cover will continue on us both without further premium payment being necessary. Thanks John for pointing us in the right direction!

Stephen & Joanne, Douglas

I called to the office of Cork Financial Advice as I have a small paid-up pension with my previous employer which I would like to get working again for me I met with Thos Cahill who went through my documentation and showed me various pension funds with different companies. Firstly, he asked me to complete a risk profile questionnaire to ascertain my attitude to risk, which turned out to be fairly cautious. He showed me fact sheets for different funds and I chose the one which was best suited to me. I am glad to say that it has proved very positive for me to transfer my pension and see the gains it is making, in fact I have also set up a new monthly contribution to enhance my pension benefits even further. I am very grateful to Thos for the advice he gave me that day.

Peter, Midleton

My Aunt passed away recently and left me her house. I decided to sell it, and after paying taxes etc., I was left with a lump sum of €168,000. I wanted to invest this money for the future. I rang Cork Financial Advice Centre, spoke with John Butler, and arranged an appointment to discuss the matter further. John had a risk profile questionnaire ready for me to complete. The profile showed that I like to take risks, and I invested my money in funds that have the potential for high returns. It was explained to me that there is the potential for loss by doing this, which I understood. I am grateful to John for pointing me in the right direction as my fund is growing nicely and I look forward to the day I buy my own home. I’ll be going back to John for advice then too!

Julie, Bantry